Tuesday, January 14, 2014

First Readings

Mural Painting:

Explains in great detail how and what needs to be done to create a mural. A very informative how to guide. Explaining how to appeal to the audience, stay within time and budget for the project, and what paints work on what surfaces and the differences in creating an indoor or outdoor mural.

The Heidelberg Project:

Explains how art can be viewed in different ways through an example/case study in Detroit. A rundown, vacant neighborhood has been transformed into a colorful piece of art. Some praise it, others think it is tacky and more of an eyesore to the area. Art truly is in the eye of the beholder.

Exploring Local Green Ways:

Takes a look at the growing Green way trail around downtown Greensboro, NC. It shows how local artists to the area have taken pieces of our history, culture, and tradition and turned it into creative benches that have a unique look and character. My favorite of the reads.

 Mural at Mirfield Station:

This reading brought together the two elements of our semester to come I believe. The combo of public art like the Glenwood mural design, and Rail stations. It also speaks on hoe2 graffiti art is a growing form of expression and it is becoming more and more welcomed in areas.


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