Thursday, March 27, 2014

Train Car Issues

Rail Car Concept: A movement through time, a blending of design

Through a blending of historic saloon interiors combined with the ideas and designs of historic train bar cars, we create a hybrid. From the use of modern design, we create a blended world that feels that the movement along has blended the time lines.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Train Example Movie: From Russia With Love

I have always been a big fan of the James Bond Series. In From Russia With Love, James Bond takes a train ride. The film is from 1963, so I feel many things have changed, but these are three things I noticed about the train.

1. Very nice interior details, wood paneled walls, drapes, nice elegant carpets, etc. The modern trains have really lost this idea of grandeur in train travel from what I saw on our trip. It makes sense though. They get used too much to have nice materials like that on them. They are expensive to maintain and replace. There could be a better balance though to add back some of the possibilities of allowing the train interiors to appear more grand, but with cheaper and more resilient materials to wear and tear.

2. The sleeping cars a very tiny. I actually have never been on a train with sleeping cars so I actually do not know what they are like first hand. As you see in the movie, you can barely even hold a fight in one.

3. America does not use trains like the rest of the world, but we could and I think we should. It's still a rather cheap way to travel quickly. It could be used to help make coast to coast travel easier, if we used trains like Europe and Asia do. It could really help with the growth of America as a nation in my opinion. 

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